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Paint Protection Film

Upper Kirby Car Wash is an authorized dealer for 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series and Xpel Paint Protection Film.  All films are cut using our 60" Graphtec Plotter and DAP (Digital Access Program) cutting software. 



We specialize in 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Film, a clear breakthrough in paint protection film.  It is the absolute highest clarity paint protection film available for your vehicle. It is a self-healing film that protect your vehicle from bug, rock chip and road debris.  Scotchgard Pro Series Film will make you feel more comfortable during your daily commute by protecting your paint and making your car look like new everyday.

Why Choose Us - 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Certified | Xpel Paint Protection Film Certified

We are the first company to provide 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series in the Houston market. This have lead us to be the only 3M Scotchgard Pro Series Certified Installer in Houston. Unlike other paint protection dealer, 3M implements standards for qualification such as quarterly purchase commitments and one-on-one training and educational courses with a 3M certified professional. We are alway training and learning to improve our skills with your high standard in mind. 

"What make us" Our film are cut using the DAP software which is the most accurate paint protection cutting software. All available edge are wrap according to vehicle model availability. All vehicle receive Nanoskin detail (paint contaminant removal) prior to film installation. Vehicle are held over night and check the following day for any imperfection. It is also tested at 120 p.s.i. for any edge lifting. We recommend the vehicle to be detail and inspected again within 10 - 14 days. All 3M Scotchgard Pro Series installation received 3M service contract. 


We look forward to putting the 3M innovation to work for you.

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series is the latest addition to the 3M Paint protection film portfolio. This tough, durable, virtually invisible, maintenance-free urethane film uses our most advanced technology to protect the finish on your vehicle and keep it looking newer longer.


Pro Series is the most optical clarity paint protection film available. It is a 8mil film with the lowest surface energy out of all the films which translates into being more stain resistant than any of the films on the market. Pros Series has a 7 year warranty and it is the only film on the market that offers a Service Contract with their film adding much more value than a regular traditional warranty as it covers film and paint. 3M Service Contract cover up to $3500 if your oem paint cover area is damage by bugs, or road debris. 

XPEL ULTIMATE is a patent-pending, high performance,self-adhesive, clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane lm designed to protect automotive paint, and other surfaces, from harmful effects of stone chips and abrasion. XPEL ULTIMATE is a very low surface energy film designed to resist staining and offers superior environmental resistance and gloss retention. The clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that allow scratches in the surface to “heal” over time, eliminating the need for frequent polishing to maintain a just installed appearance. 


XPEL ULTIMATE STEALTH is a patent pending high performance self adhesive satin clear coated aliphatic polyurethane lm designed to protect automotive paint, and other surfaces, from the harmful effects of stone chips and abrasion. The satin clear coat employs special elastomeric polymers that allow light scratches and swirls to “heal” over time. 

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