Exterior Detail
3 stage buffing before
3 stage buffing after
3-Stage Polishing (includes Executive Wash & Hand Wax)
3-Stage Polishing will remove light swirl mark, water spot, hologram, and oxidation
Cars: $300     SUV / Truck: $400     Panel: $50 
5 stage buffing before
5 stage buffing after
5-Stage Polishing (includes Executive Wash & Hand Wax)
5-Stage Polishing will remove heavy over spray, light scratches, orange peel, epoxy paint and imperfection
Cars: $600     SUV / Truck: $800     Panel: $100 
Wheel Polishing  before
Wheel Polishing  after
Chrome Polishing
Remove oxidation, rust, brake dust, tarnish, water spot, and other contamination from chrome metal
Wheel: $25     Tailpipe: $20 
Headlight Before
Headlight Restoration After
Headlight Restoration
Remove oxidation, cloudy, and discolored from your vehicle’s headlight
Single: $40    Pair: $80 
Engine Detail Before
Engine Detail After
Engine Detail
Detail and contion engine plastic and rubber
All Vehicle:  $50
Bumper & Trim Before
Bumber & Trim detail after
Bumber & Trims preserver
Preserve and condition bumper and trims
All Vehicle:  $20 
Mud Removal Before
Mud Removal After
Mud Removal
Remove mud from vehicle interior and exterior
All Vehicle:  Estimate